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Party In Paradise

Lost Sailor Ammo

Lost Sailor Tattoo Needles

061 600

Bug Pin Liners

For super thin lines with more flexibility. (available in sizes 3 through 9)

Bug Pin Standard Magnum

Flexibility and packing power. (available in sizes 7 through 17)

Round Liners


Tight clean lines in all sizes. Make your work crisp and clean. (available in sizes 3 through 15)

Rounded Magnum


Get on target without tearing up the edges. Soften up your color. (available in sizes 5 through 17)

Round Shaders

Various sizes available. work in the details and smooth out the edges with Lost Sailor round Shaders. (available in sizes 5 through 14)


Standard Magnum

These big rounds put the ink down range and blast in color. Pack it in! (available in sizes 5 through 39)


Bug Pin Rounded Magnum

Soft tones and smooth area coverage. (available in sizes 7 through 17)