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Coil Machines

Lost Sailor is proud to present our very own coil tattoo machines hand crafted by Electric Soul Tattoo in Lancaster California.These machines are made to be beautiful clean ink slingers. Beautiful to look at and a dream to run. Each machine is a limited edition model built for the pro artist.

Electric Soul Tattoo Machines are hand made from scratch. Rather than cast or CNC cut our frames they are hand cut, welded, milled and ground. Every binder and armature bar is hand turned on a lathe. "T" Massari and 'the Sweed' spend countless hours on every machine ensuring its done right. Using only the best materials available, our machines are built 'shim-less' and we are proud to be one of the leading 'hand made machine' machine makers in the industry. Our machines are tuned with a big operating range and made to run smooth. We ONLY sell our machines to licensed tattooers working in legitimate tattoo shops.