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Stainless Steel Tips

Lost Sailor-074 250Lost Sailor "Gun Sight Tips"

Put your needle on Target!

Maximize Needle Control!


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Traditional Box End Shaders

These old school reliable tips are battle proven over years of service. Ask your dad's tattoo artist.( available in sizes 5 through 17)

Box-081 700

The Shovel Tip

The work horse of the tattoo trade. Easy ink flow gets your art in the skin fast and dead on target. (available in sizes 5 through 17)

Shovel-075 700

The Flash Suppressor Shovel

This double washout shovel tip is the right tool when blasting out clouds of black and grey. This tip makes for fast changing of tones with less chance of a sudden splotch from ink trapped in the reservoir . (available in sizes 5 through 17)

FS Shovel-082_700

The Flash Suppressor Round Tip

Easy clean out double wash out is perfect for round shaders. Don't let ink surprise attack your work when you don't get all your color washed out of the tube. Easy clean out for tone control. (available in sizes 3 through 13)

FS Roundr-083_700

Diamond Tip

Easy straight line control. This tip is the master of the straight line. (available in sizes 3 through 13)

Diamond-076 700

Round Tip

Curve control. Smooth action in the curves. (available in sizes 3 through 13)

Round-077 700